Please go to hell and leave me alone.


Please end this conversation.


You’re dead to me.


Your stupidity has made me speechless.


I’m done with you. Stoping talking for god sake.


Please Die! Please!


Stop annoying the shit out of me.


If I was a bird I would probably shit on you everyday.


–]Eitsky 33 指標 1 天gff前I hate all the passive-aggressive smiley faces here.

[–]oGsBumder 1 指標 21小時前The wechat emojis are great in general.

[–]SveHeapsArgentina 32 指標 1 天前My girlfriend sends this to me from time to time I can say it means it all at the same time.


[–]MarticZtn 2 指標 1 天前Pretty sure that my parents don’t know about this feels like they’re trying to say “go to hell” every time when they send me this but they’re actually not. It just feels really weird.??


[–]sweetkenUnited States 54 指標 1 天前I didn’t know until I started dating a Chinese girl. She politely asked me to not use that emoji because she only uses it when she’s pissed off at someone.


[–]wiktionnaireChina 29 指標 1 天前It means “呵呵”


[–]proletariatnumber23 32 指標 1 天前The funny thing is older Chinese will just use it as a happy emoticon and so you’re never really sure


[–]TeeribleMureal 8 指標 1 天前Or you know me.


[–]kanada_kid 23 指標 1 天前*AKA the “You fucked up” emoticon.


[–]imp3ga 21 指標 1 天前for a long time i thought the yawning emoji was just like covering his mouth in shock so in hindseight I was accidentally pretty snidey to a lot of people telling me surprising news lol


[–]King_Bernie 10 指標 1 天前holy cow that’s brutal


[–]berryblackwater 7 指標 1 天前Ohhhhhhhh…


[–]Funcuz 3 指標 1 天前My fiancee uses one that is clearly something in the “pissed off” range but because they translated it incorrectly she thinks it means surprised. I always say “Just look at it. Is that how you or any person you’ve ever seen alive on television in pictures history books or any other medium reacted to being surprised?


[–]fucktheoceanUnited Kingdom 2 指標 1 天前Top middle of first page? Right between the heart eyes and sun glasses dude?? Inward slanting eyebrows and red shade under the eyes??? That fucking emoji Jesus fuck I don’t get it. Everyone seems to use it to mean 发呆 but it is quite clearly a dude who is scowling!!!!

在第一页的中间,就在双眼冒爱心和戴太阳镜的那俩哥们之间的,眉毛由内向外上扬、眼睛下方有红色眼影的那个表情,我丫的完全不懂它什么含义。人们似乎用它来表示“发呆”,但很明显那家伙一脸的怒气冲冲啊!!![–]optyprime1 3 指標 1 天前I’ve been using that smiley all this time…. What are we even supposed to use instead?


[–]bradj43 3 指標 1 天前The overly smiley blushy guy or the teeth smile or laughing

那个笑得特灿烂、脸上有两团红晕的笑脸、露齿笑或大笑的表情。(大概是指如下三个表情)[–]oolongvanilla 1 指標 1 天前I’ve taken to using the blushing smile which comes across a bit too intimate and cute to me but it seems it actually comes across as the default happy smile to most locals. The teeth smile doesn’t always work… Sometimes people ask me why I’m laughing at them after I use it. Seems a bit redundant to assume that emoji means laughing when I can see at least four or five other laughing emojis that are more straightforward about it.

我已经开始用那个羞涩笑的表情,对我来说这个表情有点太过亲密和可爱了,但对大多数当地人来说,它其实被默认为是开心快乐的笑脸表情。那个露齿笑的表情不总是有用……有时在我发这个表情后,人们会问我为什么要笑他们。在我看来这个表示大笑的表情有点多余,因为我至少有看到其他4、5个更能直接表示大笑的表情符号。[–]bradj43 1 指標 1 天前“The teeth smile doesn’t always work…”True but at some point with some people I’ve actually just told them look when I send this this is what it means so deal with it. ??


[–]TeeribleMureal 2 指標 1 天前Seriously? So you can’t just use this to say “thank-you” “that’s great etc?


[–]GuessImStuckWithThisGreat Britain[S] 6 指標 1 天前Depends which generation. 40 yeah. 30 or below no.


[–]jpr64New Zealand 5 指標 2 天前Where is “Oh wow your Chinese is so good!”?


[–]nemotpupupu 1 指標 1 天前Well but sometimes people in my parents’ age (around > 50) do use this face to express sincere smile


[–]oGsBumder 1 指標 21小時前I use it when I want to tell someone to 去死啊


[–]nickdangernickdanger -1 指標 1 天前It’s the meaning to some subset of Chinese people. To us it’s just a fucking smile. It’s the first emoticon on the list – it was surely meant to just be a fucking smile. Just because some spastics think otherwise who cares?